Leading coordination for enhanced reliability of supply

Support in the event of major disruption

Coreso’s main objective is to avoid major disruptions by conducting transmission system analyses and identifying and mitigating risks to the European transmission system.

As a result, Coreso’s main service consists of day-ahead and Intraday security analyses and remedial actions for coordination management.

Nevertheless, during times of increased power flow volatility, major disruptions cannot be completely ruled out if there is a series of unforeseen events. As such, Coreso has developed tools and procedures to help TSOs should such an event occur. This involves several countries.

The know-how amassed by Coreso’s operators regarding the various TSO networks and rules is unique in Europe. It allows the operators to efficiently analyse and quickly understand any major disruption that affects several countries. In order to support the operators and provide them with the real-time overview they need, a special tool called DADS (Data Acquisition and Display System) based on a Data Historian has been in operation since November 2011. This tool provides Coreso operators with real-time data updated every minute as well as alerts. The innovative representation of the grid using aggregated indicators makes it easier to analyse a situation.

DADS - Wall

Coreso’s structure and expertise enables it to provide TSOs with valuable and comprehensive information that helps them to understand and act efficiently in the event of a major disruption across Europe.

If such a situation occurs, Coreso drafts reports with charts to explain to the TSOs what is happening in real time.

In November 2013, Coreso acquired a tool called EAS (European Awareness System) which monitors the frequency, system status, commercial exchanges and imbalances for European countries. This awareness system has two goals: – During stressed situations, the tool will provide information shared among all ENTSO-E TSOs, enabling them to comprehend the status of critical grids. – In the event of a large disturbance, Coreso will help TSOs to identify the origin and the spread of this disturbance.