Development of a capacity calculation process (M/W)

Internships - Published on 11/12/2018

6 months internship starting in February 2019 in Brussels.

About Coreso

The mission of Coreso is to proactively support Transmission System Operators to ensure Security of Electricity Supply in Europe. Located in Brussels, about fifty engineers, seconded from their companies, combine their expertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to anticipate the operation both in the short term and the long term, from a year ahead until Intraday (few hours before real time)

Founded in 2008, Coreso encompasses nine European operators, which are also its shareholders (Elia in Belgium, Eirgrid in Ireland, 50hertz in Germany, National Grid in the UK, REE in Spain, REN in Portugal, RTE in France, SONI in Northern Ireland, Terna in Italy).

Within the European context of progressing market mechanisms, continuous growth of renewable energy, ambitious grid development and further harmonization, new coordination challenges are numerous. Coreso aims to build up, together with all partners, the adequate coordinated operational processes to cope with these game changers. To secure operation of the European electricity system represents a truly international challenge.


Capacity calculation consists in determining how much power market participants will be allowed to trade across the borders. Coreso is currently working with 16 TSOs (Transmission System Operators) of 13 different countries to define and implement a capacity calculation mechanism using the flow-based methodology. The calculation is based on models of the European grid on which a complex series of operations (load flows, market behaviour simulations and optimizations) is performed. It is currently in experimental phase and will be gradually improved and automated to become an operational process.

Internship description

As an intern in Coreso’s business development department, you will be part of an international team of engineers who are working with TSOs to develop the new capacity calculation method and turn it into an operational process that will be operated in Coreso’s control room on a daily basis. You will gain an in-depth knowledge of the flow-based capacity computation methodology, which is at the interface between grid operation and the electricity market. You will participate in the experimentation phase of the project by operating the prototypes and you will make them evolve towards reliable and highly automated tools.

Your tasks will include:

  • Operating the prototypes to process the TSOs’ input data;
  • Creating or improving macros and scripts that perform data gathering and data transformation;
  • Working with developers who will create the industrial solution of the tools by writing specifications and testing intermediate versions of the software;
  • Liaising with IT experts of the external tools and servers involved in the process.

This internship will give you a solid knowledge of grid operation rules and of the electricity market.


The ideal candidate is an engineering student at Master degree level (4th or 5th year of studies). We are looking for somebody detail oriented, organized and creative and who possesses a professional work ethic and is enthusiastic to gain new knowledge.

Skills and competences:

  • Basic knowledge of the electricity sector;
  • Knowledge of electricity fundamentals;
  • Ability to present complex technical subjects very clearly;
  • Excellent computer skills;
  • Programming: VBA and/or Python;
  • Prior experience in developing complex IT tools (with numerous modules and inputs/outputs) is an advantage;
  • Language: Very good command of English is a must.


The intern will enjoy an international experience while developing professional skills with concrete tasks. This internship will allow the student to bring their classroom knowledge into a professional work setting and broaden their knowledge through hands-on application in a nonprofit environment.

  • Reimbursement of travel costs and rental charges;
  • Hands-on experience to build portfolio and professional contacts.

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