Meet Bram Deckers, our Operations Service Lead

I love to work at Coreso because I believe what we do is extremely important and has societal relevance.

– Bram Deckers

‘When I graduated as Industrial Engineer Electromechanics, I first worked briefly in the construction industry before joining the technical graduate programme at Elia. In that programme, I was rotating through different departments and projects in the company. During that period in 2016, an opportunity arose at Coreso and I joined the company as Power Systems Engineer. At that time, Coreso was rather small and most of us worked in the shift team.’

‘In those early days, as we were a small team, I also did several things beyond my scope of activities. I remember working with another colleague on what we now would consider the annual report of Coreso. This was a new territory for me: copywriting and working with graphic designers. Challenging but rewarding. I think it showcases that initiative is much appreciated at Coreso.’

‘I worked full time in shift for 3 years, before moving to an alternating role where I worked 6 weeks in shift and then 6 weeks in operational support. Once we acquire more expertise in shift, we usually start to work on the processes and the tasks behind the shift work. In my case, I started specialising in flow-based capacity calculation. In that period, I also began to work as 1st line contact for the coordination room in case of contingency. That can consist of a couple of things, like stepping in when someone in the team falls ill, dealing with stressful situations on the grid, but also managing operational issues. After 1,5 years, I decided to move entirely to operational support and leave the shift activities. As Operations Service Lead for capacity calculation, I work with other departments – such as the IT and Services teams – to help facilitate the integration of new processes or tasks.’   

‘I love to work at Coreso because I believe what we do is extremely important and has societal relevance. We offer added value to Transmission System Operators (TSOs), and our activities stimulate the integration of renewable energy. This societal-relevant purpose gives me drive. I feel that – with what I do – I contribute to the energy transition and making the planet more sustainable.’ ‘I was already at Coreso in its early days. I must say that we have evolved from a start-up to a professional organisation – somewhat still a family – that is a worthy partner for the TSOs in terms of knowledge, professionalism, and expertise. Also, in Coreso’s multicultural work environment, we take care of each other. Even as a Belgian national, I feel very much part of this international group that is very close, even beyond the job.’

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