25th April 2017 – 3rd Coreso Annual Communication Meeting – Communication in case of stressed situations

On Tuesday 25th April, Coreso organized the 3rd Annual Communication Meeting. As coordination facilitator entity, Coreso has gathered up all of its shareholders and let them explain what will be their Communication in case of stressed situations (as chosen during last Communication meeting) in order to :
• Share knowledge of such communication
• Identify possible synergies, interactions or good practices from another TSO
• Determine how Coreso can be more involved

In the context of Cold Spell we had during last Winter, Coreso is often solicited by media to react. This meeting was fruitful and many ways to deal with this sensitive kind of communication where identified.

During the meeting as an introduction, Coreso presented the communication action plan for 2016 and the improvements expected for 2017. The main ideas are :
• More interaction with shareholders in the coming months to enhance Coreso Communication
• Increase of Projects Communication internally and externally
• Develop material to present every day coordination between TSOs and RSCs The next meeting will deal with Corporate Communication.