Coreso is involved in several European projects and working groups aimed at implementing the five regional coordination services.

Participation in European projects


Coreso is closely involved in EU projects to find new solutions, working alongside TSOs, market players and other partners. For instance, in order to perform a daily flow-based capacity calculation process in the CWE-CEE region, Coreso jointly defines, tests and implements new methods, tools and processes for capacity calculations and enables security of supply by coordinating operational security assessments. Coreso is also developing and implementing new capacity calculation methods in other European regions including Central South (Northern Italian Border), South-West (Iberia and France), the Channel and United Kingdom/Ireland.


Participation in EU working groups

Coreso actively participates in ENTSO-E working groups to share its expertise and know-how in many areas, such as performing quality assessments, improving grid models by supporting the implementation of the new Common Grid Model Exchange Standards, developing the European Merging Function, and organising the required coordination activities between TSOs. The project team also promotes exchanges and fosters collaboration with other Regional Security Coordinators (RCSs).

Development of new services for our shareholders in the medium term

The project team initiates and leads projects to develop new methods and test new tools to optimise the use of existing assets by helping TSOs to better coordinate the operation of controllable devices (PSTs or HVDCs), and anticipating strains on the grids due to the substantial fluctuations of RES feeding into the systems.

The project team leads the Pan-European project introducing a new short and medium-term operational adequacy assessment to be aligned with seasonal outlook studies and methodologies. The project team organises the alignment with the TSOs, other ENTSO-E Working Groups and RSCs to define the concept, create the operational process, develop the necessary IT prototypes and perform the initial tests for the weekly assessment of remaining capacities (reserve).

R&D projects in the long term

The growing contribution of intermittent renewable energy sources as well as increasing market-based cross-border flows and the associated physical flows are giving rise to growing uncertainty for TSOs. Coreso takes part in collaborative R&D projects such as iTesla and Garpur to ensure secure grid operations in the transmission grid of the future. The iTesla project aimed to develop a toolbox which is able to accurately assess security, taking into account the dynamics of the system, and provide a risk-based assessment factoring in the various sources of uncertainty.