Since May 2024, Coreso, as an RCC, has implemented an internal structure and process to train and certify its Power Systems Engineers in compliance with the regulated methodology. The Clean Energy Package foresees this task to allow traceability and transparency. 

Coreso has implemented processes to prepare and carry out the mandatory training and certification programmes for all its regulated tasks. The European Regulation (2019/943) clearly set out how RCC Power Systems Engineers must be trained and certified to perform the RCC regulated tasks.  

For the pan-European RCC tasks, RCCs have harmonised their training activities to promote access to the same level of knowledge and expertise amongst all RCCs. This is done through joint training modules and a joint process of certification. 

Furthermore, for the tasks where the RCCs need to collaborate to perform them, they have worked closely together to develop the training and certification materials, to guarantee the same level of excellence in the task’s delivery. 

In a similar way, common training modules between TSOs and RCCs are encouraged by the regulated methodology, if they can enhance the overall TSO-RCC efficiency and coordination when performing their individual duties. 

The task has been live since May 2024. All Coreso Power Systems Engineers must now be certified by May 2026, in compliance with the methodology. 

Read more information about this task in our annual report.