On 1 July 2022, Regional Security Coordinators (RSCs) evolved into Regional Coordination Centres (RCCs), as established by the Clean Energy Package (CEP). One of the new tasks which are attributed to RCCs according to the Article 37 of the EU Regulation 2019/943, is the Training and certification of the Regional Coordination Centre staff.

This task aims to give a clear scope on how the RCC operators shall be trained and certified. The RCCs need to put in place an internal structure, in compliance with the regulated methodology, to train and certify every operator before she/he has to operate any service.

On 18 May 2022, ACER approved the ENTSO-E methodology proposal on Training and certification of RCC staff. The methodology determines:

  • the internal and joint RCC training sessions (between all RCCs), the RCC trainings to be organised in collaboration with TSOs, and the cross-RCC trainings (training for processes where at least two RCCs are involved). Some criteria have been defined to allow RCCs to decide whether the training should be common, internal or cross-RCC.
  • the certification of RCC staff. ENTSO-E proposal has been inspired by the training requirements for TSOs outlined in SOGL Article 61 (Certification of system operator employees in charge of real time operation) and adapted to the specificities of the RCCs.

Starting from May 2022, Coreso and the other RCCs have to implement the methodology within 24 months, and certify all its operators in compliance with the methodology within 48 months

Read more information about this task in our annual report.

This task is still under development. Therefore, the above explanations may be amended after the full implementation of the methodology.