As Regional Coordination Centre (RCC), the services or tasks Coreso provides to nationally regulated TSOs are driven by European regulations (3rd and 4th energy packages).

According to these regulations, we are currently developing and implementing the following regulated services or tasks:

  • Common Grid Model (CGM),
  • Coordinated Security Analysis (CSA),
  • Coordinated Capacity Calculation (CCC),
  • Short-Term Adequacy (STA) forecast,
  • Outage Planning Coordination (OPC),
  • Defence and Restoration Plans
  • Training and Certifications of RCC staff,
  • Post-Operation and Post-Disturbances Analysis and Reporting.

Coreso will also perform the following regulated services or tasks (their definitions are still under discussion at European level):

  • Regional restoration (at request of TSOs),
  • Sizing of reserve capacity,
  • Procurement of balancing capacity,
  • Support TSOs, at their request, in the optimisation of inter-TSOs’ settlement,
  • Maximum entry capacity mechanisms,
  • Support Ten-Year Network Development Plan.