TSOs need to implement further steps in operational coordination in the European electricity system. The Multilateral Agreement (MLA) signed 16 November 2015 sets up the framework and design of TSO coordination regarding the essential coordination functions. The framework shall strike a balance between regional flexibility (to allow for solutions tuned to the needs of this region) and a centralized approach (to ensure cross-regional coordination).

The scope of this Agreement is to describe the framework of TSO coordination in the operational planning time frame regarding:

  1. Individual Grid Model / Common Grid Model Delivery
  2. Coordinated Security Analysis (including Remedial Actions-related analysis),
  3. Coordinated Capacity Calculation,
  4. Short and Medium Term Adequacy Forecasts,
  5. Outage Planning Coordination


For the avoidance of doubt, this Agreement does not replace any provision of national or European law that may apply to any of the Parties. The provisions of this Agreement shall be complementary and interpreted in accordance with the applicable regulations. In case of contradictions between this Agreement and the applicable law and especially with the System Operation Guideline provisions coming into force after this Agreement and approved methodologies established pursuant to CACM and System Operation Guideline, the provisions of this Agreement shall be amended accordingly.