TSOs need to implement further steps in operational coordination in the European electricity system. The Multilateral Agreement (MLA) signed 16 November 2015 sets up the framework and design of TSO coordination regarding the essential coordination functions.
Since then, two European Union regulations (guideline on electricity transmission system operation or System Operation Guideline and guideline on Capacity Allocation & Congestion Management ) have been published to defined recommendations and further describe the 5 mandatory services to be delivered by RSCs.

The framework shall strike a balance between regional flexibility (to allow for solutions tuned to the needs of this region) and a centralized approach (to ensure cross-regional coordination).

The scope of this Agreement is to describe the framework of TSO coordination in the operational planning time frame regarding:

  1. Individual Grid Model / Common Grid Model Delivery
  2. Coordinated Security Analysis (including Remedial Actions-related analysis),
  3. Coordinated Capacity Calculation,
  4. Short and Medium Term Adequacy Forecasts,
  5. Outage Planning Coordination

With both these regulatory and contractual frameworks, the official roles and responsibilities of Coreso as RSC are now totally formalized. It must be pointed that Coreso fulfils its role in providing the five services but also acts as developer of criteria and procedures for ENTSO-E (hence for all associated TSOs):

  • The guideline on electricity transmission system operation entered into force on August 2nd 2017. The System Operation specifies what transmission system operators should do in managing their grid. The fact that the generation mix in Europe is integrating more and more renewables, that there is more and more interconnections and cross-border competition has been considered in the System Operation Guideline.
  • The Guideline on Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management entered into force on July 24th 2015 sets out the methods for calculating how much space can market participants use on cross border lines without endangering system security. It also harmonises how cross border markets operate in Europe to increase competitiveness but renewables’ integration. CACM is the cornerstone of a European single market for electricity.