CEP “70% requirement” – Day-ahead and intraday Capacity Calculation for Italy North region

30 November 2021

The European “70% requirement” is now integrated in the day-ahead and intraday transmission capacity calculations Coreso performs for the Italy North Capacity Calculation Region (CCR).

As Regional Security Coordinator (RSC), we calculate and optimise for specific regions the available cross-border transmission capacities which can be allocated to the European electricity market.

The Clean Energy Package (CEP) foresees that minimum 70% of the maximum cross-zonal transmission capacity shall be available for cross-zonal trading. This European regulation therefore guarantees sufficient cross-zonal trade capacity to optimise the European transmission grid.

The implemented development allows us to compute the margin available for cross-zonal trade (MACZT) on each Critical Network Element using PTDF calculation. If the minimum margin available doesn’t meet the ‘minimum 70% target’, the cross-border transmission capacity is then increased.
To ensure a correct implementation of the new processes, different reporting activities have been initiated to allow ACER and National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) to monitor the processes, to swiftly correct them in case of problems, and to get a global view of the data and the market situation.

Coreso Operations, IT and Services teams, along with the TSO support and guidance, have been working closely together to ensure a proper integration of the new computation during the daily activities, but also to guarantee 24/7 support in case of unexpected matters.

Shift engineers have been trained, operational procedures have been updated and an IT environment has been set up to host the new technology where the computations are made.

Read more about the RSC and future RCC Coordinated Capacity Calculation service.

Consult the European Regulation (2019/943) mentioning to the CEP 70% requirement.