Channel Region: Day-ahead and intraday capacity calculation – Public consultation

On 23/06/17, the day-ahead and intraday capacity methodology for the Channel capacity calculation region(CCR) was published for public consultation. After this consultation, the final methodology will be sent to national regulatory authorities (NRA) for approval in September.

The CCR Channel will include the bidding zone borders listed below:
• France – Great Britain (FR – GB)
• Netherlands – Great Britain (NL – GB)
• Belgium – Great Britain (BE – GB)

As Channel region is composed of HVDC interconnectors between independent synchronous areas, the capacity methodology presents a solution using Coordinated Net Transfer Capacities and Available Transfer Capacities(ATC) for allocation.

Since the start of the project, Coreso actively participates to this project by sharing its experience from other capacity calculation processes and by experimenting the capacity methodology using its internal tools.