Contribution to ENTSO-E “Inter-RSC coordination Task Force of Project Group Coordinated Security Analysis”

On Tuesday 18 April and Wednesday 19 April, a two-day workshop of the “ENTSO-E inter-RSC coordination” Task Force took place in TSCNET Services premises. This workshop followed the Task Force meetings which took place on March in ENTSO-E and Coreso premises. The aim of this workshop was to improve the drafting of requirements needed for an efficient operational coordination between RSCs. It allows also TF members to see the running process in TSCNET Services in a manner similar to what was organized before in Coreso.Some very interesting discussions were held on the harmonization of processes between RSCs. The next step will now consist in gathering comments and remarks from TSOs before the end of May.This workshop falls within the framework of the work performed by PG Coordinated Security Analysis and its task Force in charge of drafting the proposal required by SOGL Art 75(1) on inter-RSC coordination. This Task Force involves some representatives from ENTSO-E, RSCs and TSOs.