Coreso celebrates its 10th Anniversary!

31 October 2018

Coreso is celebrating its first decade this year. On 16th October, the company marked the occasion with a dinner @Coreso Cortenbergh 71 with the whole staff past and present to celebrate 10 years in business!

In a warm atmosphere, the speeches of Olivier Arrivé (1st Coreso CEO & Head of Operation Department), François Boulet (2nd Coreso CEO & RTE Regional Managing Director) and Patrick De Leener (3rd Coreso CEO & ELIA Chief Officer Customers, Market & System) came back on the evolution of this growing company that knew how to keep the innovative start-up spirit of its beginnings.

This event also gathered Jan Van Roost (Coreso COO), Cédric Auxenfans (Former Coreso COO & Chief of “RTE Lyon” Regional Operational Planning Department) and Jean-François Gahungu (Coreso CEO): “What a long way covered since 2008 with a team of experts coming from different countries, all motivated by a genuine European approach for the benefit of Electric System users! Starting from an idea which took root simultaneously within ELIA and RTE, followed by informal conversation between Daniel Dobenni (ELIA) and Pierre Bornard (RTE). It is just the beginning of the adventure!”

As a European Regional Security Coordinator, Coreso guaranteeing operational security on Europe’s interconnected grid in the last 10 years. It faced many challenges developing, with the four other Regional Security Coordinators, a shared regional overview of the status of the highly connected electricity network.

Earlier that day, #PowerCoordinationEurope Conference was a real success and the occasion to exchange about the concept of regional coordination and discussed the way-ahead towards the next decade. A special thanks to @ENTSO-E, @TSCNET, @SCC, @Nordic RSC, @Baltic RSC, @Energy Post, @The Florence School of Regulation – FSR Energyand and @The Austrian Presidency of the Council of the EU for their support.

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