Coreso inspires final-year Engineering students during a guest lecture at the University of Antwerp.

17 May 2023

We are happy to share our experience on our first local guest lecture during the “Energy Management” course, provided to final-year Electromechanical students. Our colleagues Róisín Mossop and Ali Fahri elved into the different services that Coreso provides, uncovering the pioneer role we play in contributing to ensuring the security of electricity supply across Europe.

But our engagement went beyond technicalities. We aimed to create an engaging and relatable experience, sharing authentic stories from our journey as Coreso employees. This allowed the students to gain a realistic view of the challenges and opportunities for engineers in the world of TSOs and RCCs.

We would like to give thanks to Professor Ben Minnaert for hosting us, and to all the students who attended our guest lecture. We hope that our stories have inspired you and sparked your interest in the energy transmission system industry.