Coreso launches around the clock operations

29 June 2009

Coreso, the first European technical coordination centre, launches today its around the clock operations, providing Transmission System Operators (TSOs) network security analyses and monitoring of the grid every 15 minutes, 24/7, thus confirming the commitment taken at the start of its day-ahead activities in February 2009.

This extension of activities to a continuous basis will increase the security of supply in a context characterized by a high variability of power flows due to the development of renewable energy and cross-border exchanges in the European electricity market. Since the start of its operational activities on February 16th, Coreso has been supplying the control centres of the relevant TSO’s with forecasts about the security of the grid in North Western Europe, by performing security analyses, simulating various scenarios and proposing sets of coordinated remedial actions that TSO’s can take to master the security of the electrical system in this area. So far, these daily activities had been focusing on the next day.