Coronovirus pandemic – Limited presence at the office

19 March 2020

Coreso was hit by the coronavirus pandemic just as the whole world in early 2020.

Following the implementation of the lockdown in Belgium, a decision has been taken mid-March to drastically reduce the staff physically present at Coreso while Operations activities initially continued on-site, since Coreso is considered an essential and crucial service critical to the nation. This has challenged us to adapt operational processes, IT infrastructure, shift organisation in less than 2 weeks to have more than 50% of the operational activities performed from home. It has been an opportunity to speed up remote access for a number of operational processes.

To perform the remaining activities that must be performed at Coreso premises, the operators work in separate rooms, shift schedules have been adapted from 8h to 12h, and offices have been rearranged to be “COVID-proof”.