Legal department RTE visits Coreso

30 May 2023

On 30 May, Coreso welcomed a delegation of 15 lawyers from RTE’s Legal Department lead by Claude-Albane Swanson, the Head of the EU section of the legal department.

The visit was marked by an insightful exchange of ideas and perspectives on the regulatory landscape surrounding Coreso’s activities. The primary focus of this visit was to present Coreso’s regulatory framework and address the delegation’s regulatory, and technical questions.

The visit was a great opportunity to meet in person the individuals from RTE who are members of the regulatory/legal panel and with whom Coreso’s representatives had been engaging in regulatory and legal discussions through online panels since 2020. The physical presence of the RTE delegation enabled Carole, Manu and Alia to engage in more spontaneous and interactive discussions. It provided a deeper understanding of each other’s perspectives, and establishing a stronger bond of trust.