Proactively ensuring security of supply on a European regional basis.

Coreso’s mission is to proactively help TSOs to ensure security of supply on a European regional basis.

schlüssel personAs a centralised Regional Security Coordinator (RSC), Coreso focuses its coordination activities and thus provides the highest added value from a few days ahead until Intraday (few hours before real time).

Coreso develops and performs coordination services in cooperation with TSOs and RSCs, while TSOs remain responsible for operation.


Drawing on its regional expertise, Coreso takes a leading role in developing projects for coordination services, and supports the TSO community in identifying and implementing medium and long-term measures and initiatives to ensure security of supply.

Thanks to its centralized model, which involves TSO staff working at Coreso on a rota basis, Coreso promotes a culture of international cooperation between TSOs.

For more detailed information see the description by ENTSO-E here.