National Grid joins Coreso

15 May 2009

National Grid joins Elia and RTE in Coreso, the first technical coordination centre, aimed at strengthening power security in Central Western Europe.

National Grid, the British electricity transmission system operator (TSO), has joined Elia and RTE, the Belgian and French TSO’s, as a new shareholder of Coreso. Each of the three TSO’s, Elia, RTE and National Grid, now equally owns 1/3 of the capital of Coreso. National Grid had indicated its interest in the initiative from the very beginning. Elia, RTE and National Grid are very pleased of this new collaboration which now includes the flows of electricity between mainland Europe and the UK in the management of the European grid. Coreso, the first technical coordination centre to be shared by several TSO’s, was founded on December 19th 2008 and started its activities on February 16th 2009. Coreso is located in Brussels.