Coreso has developed a specific training course for each of its operators in line with their experience.

Coreso runs a specific training course comprising several modules. It provides operators with an accurate view of all processes and helps them to correctly identify all the operating rules, specific features and network dynamics of the high-voltage grid in Western Europe. This training is complemented by a work placement in the shareholders’ control rooms, which is also an opportunity to share best practices.

You can see the detailed course schedule here : Training process timeline

Due to the international nature of its activities, Coreso gives its employees the opportunity to develop their language skills.

In addition to this training, Coreso organises a workshop twice a year with shareholder representatives in order to exchange experiences and best practices on relevant topics such as intraday activities, capacity calculation, reserve management and frequency monitoring. These regular meetings allow operators from different countries to better understand the operating rules and habits of their neighboring grids.