​​​​​​​Signature of the CorNet Framework Agreements

20 October 2022

We are pleased to inform you that CorNet, a co-operation programme between the RCCs Coreso and TSCNET, has reached another important milestone, with the signing of Framework Agreements with each of the Service Providers, for the design, development and implementation of the CorNet solution for the initial Coordinated Security Analysis (CSA) & Common Grid Model (CGM) services. The ‘go live’ of the first operational service is planned for 2024 with Regional Operational Security Coordination (ROSC) & Cost Sharing v1 for Core, after which, the CorNet solution will continue to be developed for other services and regions in line with the overall ambition of the CorNet programme. The signing of the Framework Agreements follows the successful conclusion of an EU Tender procedure, which started in October 2021. 

The chosen Service Providers bring considerable capabilities and experience of the European energy business and, together with Coreso and TSCNET, will have the following responsibilities for the design, development and implementation of the CorNet solution, based on the latest principles of service-based design: standardisation, automation, open platforms, standard interfacing, reusable building blocks and process orchestration. 

  • Unicorn will be responsible for the IT platform and all non-electrical grid related IT components of the CorNet solution, based on their Griffin platform 
  • Unicorn and Artelys, as a consortium, will be responsible for the modules that require electrical grid knowledge needed for the common RCC services 
  • Soptim, with their partners FGH and Logarithmo, will be responsible for the optimisation-based functionality (RAO) required by the CorNet solution 

The signing of these Framework Agreements will enable Coreso & TSCNET, together with the Service Providers, to design, develop and implement common services and processes, as well as the tools required for further service development in accordance with Article 77 of the System Operation Guidelines (SOGL).  

In doing so, CorNet seeks to find synergies, optimise costs and share know-how in order to implement the EU Network Codes in a timely, cost-efficient and effective manner, whilst providing a high-quality service for Coreso & TSCNET Customers and Shareholders.  

We would like to thank all members the CorNet Team for their hard work and commitment in achieving this important milestone as well as all stakeholders for their cooperation and support to the programme.  

Finally, we look forward to working collaboratively with our Service Providers, as well as the TSOs, in delivering the overall ambition of the CorNet programme, including for all other RCC services and regions, which we will of course continue to provide you with updates on.