Meet Juan Temboury, our Senior Power Systems Engineer

Team spirit is key when working in shifts. We are a tight-knit group at Coreso.

– Juan Temboury

‘When I joined in 2019, Coreso had just opened the door to hiring new colleagues who had not necessarily worked at a shareholder Transmission System Operator before. I discovered Coreso while I was finishing my master’s degree and more in-depth during my internship at REE, the Spanish Transmission System Operator. Then, I decided to apply for a position as Power Systems Engineer. Although I had started in another company by the time my candidacy was accepted, my enthusiasm for working at Coreso remained undiminished.
When thinking about my future career as an Electrical Engineering student, it was clear that such a relevant job in the sector was what I wanted. I still remember my job interview: before speaking to HR, I spoke to my colleague Matias Hoyal who, at that time, was a Power Systems Engineer before moving to the Learning & Development team. We had a good conversation about the job, shift life and how to adapt to it… and all that in Spanish, as we are both coming from Spain.’

‘In 5 years, a lot has changed at Coreso. The regulatory context in which we operate has evolved and the evolutions are directly translated into our shift activities. We must quickly adapt to new demands, either from the EU regulators or the TSO community. That is at the same challenging but rewarding.’  

‘I remember my first days, when all seemed new and overwhelming. In my case, I knew the concepts behind Coreso’s activities, but lacked the experience in grid operations. Fortunately, Coreso is very well organised to get you up to speed. The first month is quite dense with theoretical training to understand the processes. This is followed by a period of shadow shifts, where you work alongside an experienced engineer. You learn from your colleagues and, as you gain more confidence, you gain more autonomy. Next to that, there is also the importance of how you adapt to shift work: it can be simply when do you eat, when do you sleep, etc. Even though you get a lot of tips from your peers, you must figure out for yourself what works best for you. Luckily, you get the flexibility to organise your office work beyond your shift work. This way, it is possible to establish a healthy work-life balance.’

‘Team spirit is key when working in shifts. You see a lot of young and bright engineers in our company, mostly expats. We are a tight-knit group at Coreso and, after a shift, we sometimes go out for a drink before heading home. Shift work is a different way of life, and it is great when the team is properly staffed. That is why we are constantly looking for talented engineers to join the Operations team to ensure the wellbeing of the entire team.’

‘Coreso is designed in such a way that even operators have time for office work, so you quickly get involved in projects next to your shift time. That is sometimes a little bit challenging, but also very rewarding since it allows you to grow professionally. For instance, I was involved in the design of the wall display in Coreso’s coordination room. I was appointed Project Manager and received project management training to help me grow in this role. In total, the project lasted 2 years, involving colleagues from different departments. Among others, we had to migrate and develop the applications for the display system and design the displays to support our Power Systems Engineers in their coordination work. It was a great experience, and I learned a lot! Today, I continue to train our newcomers on what they see on the screens.’

‘What is great at Coreso team is that, from day 1, you know that there rests a responsibility on your shoulders. At the same time, you have opportunities to develop yourself and be part of interesting projects. These are challenging, but it makes me a proud employee!’

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