Meet Rasha Nuqul-Walde, our IT Business Analyst Lead

There is always something fun to learn at Coreso.

– Rasha Nuqul-Walde

‘I have been working for Coreso for 6 months as an IT Business Analyst Lead. I saw a LinkedIn post from Coreso and thought it would be engaging to work for this company playing a key role in the energy sector and contributing to a more sustainable energy future. So, I decided to apply spontaneously, hoping my – almost – 10 years of experience in software development, IT business analysis and project management could interest the organisation. And it worked!’

‘My function consists of leading a team of IT Business Analysts that are the link between Coreso IT tool stakeholders and the tool developers or external vendors. For instance, when a new tool is needed, we define the business requirements together with the Coreso stakeholders, and we make sure they are well included by the providers. What I like about IT and my function is that I work with all departments on many different projects – short-term projects but also long-term strategic ones. For example, I am currently working on the new shift scheduling tool with our Operations team, the new budgeting tool with our Business Support team, and on the enhancement of our project management tool involving all departments. In fact, our IT team has numerous key projects aiming to further professionalise Coreso IT tools and automatise processes.’

‘Every day, there is something new to learn at Coreso: a tool, a project, a framework, etc. It’s very exciting! Since my arrival – not that long ago, I feel like I have already grown a lot and received plenty of ideas on how to further develop myself. I really appreciate the pro-active approach taken at Coreso towards guiding employees and offering different paths of growth. If you are eager to explore new domains, colleagues support you. For instance, when I expressed an interest in contributing to the user experience of our Operations team’s new data dashboard, I was met with enthusiasm and granted the opportunity to work on it alongside my regular activities. This experience has allowed me to take part in the company’s strategic digital transformation project. It’s also great to be part of a growing company where employees can actively contribute to its evolution and the improvements of its processes.’

‘What I directly noticed when arriving at Coreso was the family atmosphere – how welcoming and helpful people are. Coreso’s multicultural environment allows you to meet people and discover cultures from all over the world which is really enriching! And, as English is the company’s official language, it’s very easy to integrate even if you don’t speak French and/or Dutch, the national languages in Belgium. Coreso also values and supports a healthy work-life balance. As a mom of two small kids, this is something essential to me. Last but not least, there is always something fun at the office: it can be a nice training, we have a soup day, … and we love to celebrate birthdays and any other good pretext!’

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