Meet Rosanna Manfreda, our Services Engineer

After 3 years of shift work, I decided to take up an opportunity in the Services team.

– Rosanna Manfreda

‘I joined Coreso 4 years ago as a Power Systems Engineer. It was my first job after graduating as an Energy Engineer. It was at the same time very exciting but also scary. Exciting, because I was moving to a new city in the heart of Europe, and it was my first work experience. Scary because I had no idea how I would adapt to shift life.
In the beginning, I was struggling a little with sleep, but you get used to it and you find ways that fit your body and mind. What was really comforting was the atmosphere among colleagues. Because we work different hours, we do spend a lot of time together during the night, sharing a meal. You quickly build a connection with your colleagues, and you become friends. We also share time together outside work.’

‘What is great about the shift engineer’s job is that you can make a difference. For instance, when there is a stressful situation on the grid, you need to act fast and propose solutions to the involved TSOs. The coordination you do between the TSOs can be a stressful moment, but this is very rewarding. You really feel it matters, they listen to you, and they trust you with your expertise.

‘As I gained some experience as a Power Systems Engineer, I had the opportunity to start to work on some projects in parallel to my shift work. Thanks to that, I began to develop an interest in the pan-European activities within the Services department. So, after 3 years of shift work, I decided to take up an opportunity in that team. The switch was supported by my line manager, who motivated me to apply for the job.’

‘Today I work on the development of pan-European RCC services. What I like a lot is that there is an opportunity to develop deep expertise on specific subjects, and share the knowledge with other colleagues through training. Within Coreso, training is very important. Our Learning & Development team supports us with technical knowledge development opportunities. There is also a great offer of professional and soft skills development.’

‘Coreso has a very collaborative culture. You know you are contributing to the bigger picture, and there is always someone willing to help you out when you have questions or doubts. Next to that, Coreso is a very multicultural and dynamic environment, with the possibility of meeting people from all over the world. You can also have a good work-life balance, even in shift work. Apart from the shift time, that is fixed, you can organise the rest of your work the way it suits best with your biorhythm … and there is still time for doing sports or having a beer!’

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