Visit from the Policy and Communication Group (PCG) of ENTSO-E

On Tuesday 14 June, we hosted a visit for the Policy and Communication Group (PCG) of ENTSO-E.

About 20 representatives of TSOs and ENTSO-E were present to discover our mission and the role that RSCs/RCCs play in securing and optimising the EU electricity grid. They were also interested in the interactions between RSC/RCC and ENTSO-E and more particularly in the monitoring of the development of services (interactions with SOC Steering Groups and Task Teams). Finally, they wanted to know more about the challenges related the evolution from RSCs to RCCs, and the resulting effects on our activities.

The PCG is a working group of lawyers and experts in European regulation. The visit to Coreso was organised as part of the first physical seminar of the PCG since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.